April 2018 – MacAdmins Meeting

April 2018 – MacAdmins Meeting

April 18th 2018 – University of Utah, MacAdmins Meeting

mac_mgrs_crowdThe University of Utah, MacAdmins Meeting is held monthly at the Marriott Library on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 11 AM Mountain Time. Presentations cover Apple technology and integration in a heterogeneous university enterprise environment. This months meeting will be held on Wed, April 18th 2018, and we will provide live broadcasted and archives that will be made available 2-3 days after the meeting.

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What’s New  – By Todd McDaniel, Marriott Library, University of Utah

This presentation will cover new information pertaining to Apple administration including operating system & application updates, security, hardware support & how-to’s and other notables.

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Eggplant Overview – By Carrie Graeff & John Hogan, TestPlant

This presentation will provide a high-level introduction to Eggplant systems including Eggplant Functional, Eggplant AI and Eggplant Network.

Eggplant Functional
A non-invasive, two system model solution, that leverages pixel recognition and OCR capabilities to develop script in our proprietary language, Sense Talk, which is written in plain english. By testing through the eyes of the user, we enhance their experience. It consists of a controller machine, where scripts are authored and executed, and a system under test (SUT) which may be running a VNC server. eggPlant Functional can either connect to the VNC server via its built-in viewer via TCP/IP, or connect to a system that supports Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Their solution is agnostic; compatible with any OS, browser, device, and many scripting technologies.

Eggplant AI
Eggplant AI automatically generates test cases and optimizes test execution to find defects and maximize coverage of user journeys. It leverages machine learning to guide test cases and developers alike to the areas of an application that need support. This enables teams to go beyond their minimum requirements to get exploratory testing which reduces risk for your applications.
Eggplant Network
Eggplant Network is a powerful network emulator that makes it easy to test your mobile, browser, or client-server application under different network conditions. This is especially applicable for students who are going from different networks around campus to ensure your systems are meeting your requirements.

About Carrie Graeff
Carrie Graeff is an alumna of the University of Michigan and the University of Colorado at Boulder where she studied the fields of biology and ecology. Her master’s degree focused on the taxonomy of freshwater diatoms, a group of microscopic algae. She worked for four years as a diatom researcher and collections manager at CU-Boulder’s Museum of Natural History. Her work with database and project management at the museum ultimately encouraged her to seek a career in technology. For five years, she has been working as a technical consultant at Eggplant, helping Eggplant customers get most out of test automation. In her free time, Carrie writes novels, does watercolor painting, and takes fitness classes at the YMCA.

About John Hogan
John Hogan is the Business Segment Manager in the Public Sector of TestPlant. He has 2 Years supporting automation efforts within sector and 10 Years Supporting Federal, State, Local and University Organizations.

  • Video – To view archived presentation video, click here.


Unit Tests Overview – By Sam Forester, Marriott Library, University of Utah

This presentation will be covering Test Driven Development (TDD) Basics in Python with the Unittesting module. It will include test harness design, workflow, leveraging unittests  as a Systems Administrator, and plenty of resources.

What is unittest?
unittest is a python unit testing framework that is sometimes referred to as “PyUnit,” is a Python language version of JUnit, by Kent Beck and Erich Gamma. JUnit is, in turn, a Java version of Kent’s Smalltalk testing framework. Each is the de facto standard unit testing framework for its respective language.

unittest supports test automation, sharing of setup and shutdown code for tests, aggregation of tests into collections, and independence of the tests from the reporting framework. The unittest module provides classes that make it easy to support these qualities for a set of tests.

For more information, see web page…

  • Video – To view archived presentation video, click here.
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Open Discussion

Questions, comments, problems and fixes.


Note, due to scheduling conflicts with our usual meeting location, we will be meeting at the Marriott Library room 1705A located inside the Faculty Center located north of Mom’s Cafe.

For directions to the University of Utah monthly Mac Managers Meetings see the following web page.


Archive & Live Presentation(s)

  • A live broadcast of the presentations will be available from this web page.
  • Archives of the presentations will be available from this web page.
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