Campus MacAdmin List

Campus MacAdmin List


The University of Utah hosts many mailing lists for the University communities like campus MacAdmins. One list, historically named “mac-managers”, that covers topics on deployment, management, and integration of Apple technology into multi-platform client & server environments.

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    To subscribe to a mailing list, send an email message to
    The subject line should be SUBSCRIBE MAC-MANAGERS , for example…


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    To unsubscribe to the mailing list, send an email message to
    The subject line should be UNSUBSCRIBE MAC-MANAGERS , for example…

List Archives

To access the mac-managers list archive you will need to login with a username & password. At the University of Utah, affiliates of the university get assigned a network ID (aka uNID) that is used to login to campus services like campus list services, etc.

  • Users With uNID
    Users can login using and their password. They can also login with an alias for their address, like for


  • Users Without uNID
    Users that do not have a uNID can still use the system and the web interface. They can simply create a user and password that is stored in the default user database.Click here to access the list archive.


RSS Feed

The list server currently provides various list posts via RSS.  Click here to choose the parameters and pickup RSS url.

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