Firmware Password Manager 2.5 – New Release

Firmware Password Manager 2.5 – New Release


Firmware Password Manager is a Python script to help MacAdmin programmatically manage the firmware passwords of their Mac systems. The firmware password is one of the three interlocking methods used to secure Mac systems. The other two are: using strong passwords (and password policy) on user accounts and FileVault to apply full disk encryption (FDE). Strong account passwords are always the first line of defense. FDE effectively scrambles the information written a storage device and renders it unreadable by unauthorized persons. Using all three methods can make a Mac system unusable should it be lost or stolen.


New Features

  • Removed Flags
    This allows the user to remove the firmware password and set no firmware password.

  • Configuration File
    The configuration file allows you to easily modify the Firmware Password Manager options for your environment needs and customizations.

  • Added JAMF Controller Script and Skeleton Key
    Skeleton Key was written to add a GUI to the firmwarepasswd command and Firmware Password Manager and give it multiple ways to obtain the keylist file.

    The controller script makes it easy for Jamf Admins to integrate Firmware Password in their infrastructure. It directs the automated configuration and launch of FWPM. It contains the new and old firmware passwords, the logic to error check and create an obfuscated keyfile and configuration file, and launches FWPM.


Client Management Compatibility

Firmware Password Manager will work with any client management system for examples like popular options Jamf Pro, Munki, or multiple other options.



More Info & Download

If you are interested in checking it out see our GitHub repository.


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