Jan 2022 – MacAdmins Meeting

Jan 2022 – MacAdmins Meeting

January 19, 2022 – University of Utah, MacAdmins Meeting


The University of Utah, MacAdmins Meeting is held monthly virtually on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 11 AM Mountain Time. Presentations cover Apple technology and integration in a heterogeneous university enterprise environment. This month’s meeting will be held on Wed, Jan 19th, 2022 at 11 AM MT and we will provide live broadcasts and archives that will be made available 2-3 days after the meeting. If you have suggestions on presentations or interest in presenting,  questions, or comments, please use the Contact Us option.

What’s new with Microsoft Office for Mac – Paul Bowden, Microsoft

Paul will bring you all the latest news and best practices for deploying Microsoft Office. He’ll talk about the transition from Microsoft Office 2019 to 2021, and Microsoft 365. As usual, there will be plenty of tips and tricks along the way!    

About Paul Bowden

Paul Bowden is an engineer on the Office for Mac team at Microsoft. Based out of Redmond, WA, Originally from Oxford, England, Paul has been with the company for 23 years and is a regular contributor to the MacAdmins community.

  • Video – To view the archived presentation video, click here.
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Mac-as-a-Service Made Simple – Bojan Jovanovic, Flow Swiss

Flow Swiss is an ISO 27001-certified Swiss cloud service provider and managed container hosting platform supporting Docker, Node. js, PHP, Go, Ruby, Python, and more.

Mac Bare Metal is an enterprise-class Mac as a Service. With the easy-to-use control panel and a powerful API, it is possible to deploy, manage, and scale dedicated Apple Mac mini devices. It is ideal for developers and businesses that need a secure, cloud-hosted, and flexible Mac-based infrastructure. It is typically used for CI/CD purposes for the iOS/macOS build ecosystem. Besides maximum control over the Mac devices, it comes standard with advanced networking features such as private networks, firewalls, and VPN at no additional cost. Bare Metal Macs should be controllable and manageable like traditional virtual machines. To get there, Flow Swiss had to develop something that has not existed until today. They call it MetalControl. MetalControl is the first Apple Mac remote management controller, an in-house-developed and patent-pending product. It’s equipped with smart features, such as power-button control, power-cord control, and keyboard, video, and mouse (KVM) access. Thanks to the unique functionality of MetalControl, tasks such as on-demand provisioning and managing physical Macs are possible via the Control Panel and even via API.

During this presentation, we will demonstrate how easy it can be to provision dedicated Mac mini devices (on-demand) in the cloud and conveniently manage them via the control panel or API. Other unique benefits such as KVM access, Private Networks (VPC), FileVault support, and one-click device resets are also explained and demonstrated.

About Bojan Jovanovic

Bojan is the co-founder and cloud architect at Flow Swiss, a public cloud services provider from Switzerland. His greatest passion is making complex technology simple to use. Outside of work, Bojan enjoys running, quality electronic music, and minimalist design.

  • Video – To view the archived presentation video, click here.


Open Discussion

Questions, comments, problems, and fixes.


Due to the coronavirus (aka Covid-19) crisis, this meeting will not be meeting in person but will currently be done virtually using Zoom video communications architecture.

With Zoom we will implement the following security best practices:
  • Require a Password to Join This meeting will require a password to join the meeting. Information will be emailed via a campus internal list, but if you are external and want to attend the meeting, please use the contact us form to receive details. Else, the archive of the meeting will be available 2-3 days after the live meeting.

    • Waiting Room When joining the meeting you will be placed in the Waiting Room by default and the hosts will give you access to the live meeting.

  • Miscellaneous We will also implement other settings and safeguards to secure the meeting.

Archive & Live Presentation(s)

  • A live broadcast of the presentations will be available from this web page.
  • Archives of the presentations will be available from this web page.
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