July 2017 – MacAdmins Meeting

July 2017 – MacAdmins Meeting

July 19th 2017 – University of Utah, MacAdmins Meeting

mac_mgrs_crowdThe University of Utah, MacAdmins Meeting is held monthly at the Marriott Library on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 11 AM Mountain Time. Presentations cover Apple technology and integration in a heterogeneous university enterprise environment. This months meeting will be held on Wed, July 19th 2017, and we will provide live broadcasted and archives that will be made available 2-3 days after the meeting.

If you have suggestions on presentations, questions or comments, please your the Contact Us option.

What’s New  – By Todd McDaniel, Marriott Library, University of Utah

This presentation will cover new information pertaining to Apple administration including operating system & application updates, security, hardware and other notables.

To view archived presentation, click here.

Realtime Auditing on macOS with OpenBSM – By Alessio Santoru

Auditing a filesystem can be a difficult process, but luckily operative systems provide some tools & methods to achieve this goal. On macOS there are various utilities, one of these, OpenBSM,which was created by McAfee Research under contract to Apple, and has since been extensively extended by the volunteer TrustedBSD team. OpenBSM is a powerful set of APIs and system calls that can perform advanced auditing on files, process and even network activity! Filewatcher, which use the system calls provided by OpenBSM, is born to provide a command-line tool to monitor specific files or process activities for different reasons. It allows you to answer questions like: What files are used by a process? What process is reading my documents? Another reason can be dynamic analysis of a process, for example to understand the behavior of a malware. Filewatcher, auditing aside, is easy-to-use and “easy-to-understand”.

This presentation will outline the process of using OpenBSM to provide realtime auditing macOS systems.

  • More information on OpenBSM may be found on the OpenBSM web site.
  • To review code and download the latest version of OpenBSM, see this GitHub repository.
  • More information on TrustedBSD may be found on the TrustedBSD web site.

Alessio Santoru is an Italian student, currently working as a penetration tester, in Milan, Italy. He graduated in computer science (Bachelor) with a thesis titled: Bitcoin address retrieval from the web.

To view archived presentation, click here.

Financing Apple Devices through University Store – By Tyler Hammond, Apple

This presentation will cover leasing options available to the University of Utah from Apple and the campus University Store.

Note – Due to Apple policy this presentation was not live broadcasted or recorded. So, no archive will be available.

Open Discussion

Questions, comments, problems and fixes.


Note, due to scheduling conflicts with our usual meeting location, we will be meeting at the Marriott Library room 1705A located inside the Faculty Center located north of Mom’s Cafe.

For directions to the University of Utah monthly Mac Managers Meetings see the following web page.


Archive & Live Presentation(s)

  • A live broadcast of the presentations will be available from this web page.
  • Archives of the presentations will be available from this web page.
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