Microsoft Mac Admin Web Resource

Microsoft Mac Admin Web Resource


There is a great web site that lists the latest Microsoft Office 2016 downloads –  along associated applications like OneNote, Skype for Business 2016, SharePoint Plugin, System Center Endpoint Protection (SCEP) for Mac, etc. It also has useful tools, scripts and documentation for Mac administrators. This site is intended for administrators not consumers or end-users in collaboration with members of MacAdmins slack channel, which consists of around 8000 Mac Administrators around the world communicating, collaborating, sharing tools, scripts, best practices, job postings, meetups, conferences and personal friendships.

Software Downloads

The site has a “Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac Downloads” page that lists full or standalone downloads for the latest versions of the software.


Tools & Scripts

The site has a “Microsoft Office for Mac Tools and Script” web page with useful items like “Remove2011” which removes Microsoft Office 2011 from your Mac, etc.


Technical Documents

The site as a “Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac Documents” web page with useful documents like “Office 2016 for Mac 64-bit Upgrade” and other mac-specific technical documents.


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