March 2016 – Mac Managers Meeting

March 2016 – Mac Managers Meeting

March, 16th 2016 – University of Utah, Mac Managers Meeting

mac_mgrs_crowdThe University of Utah, Mac Managers Meeting is held monthly at the Marriott Library @ 1 PM Mountain Time. Presentations cover Apple technology and integration in a heterogeneous university enterprise environment. Lunch is provided to the meeting, and we provide live broadcasts and archive of the presentations.

This months meeting will be held on Wed, March 16th @ 1 PM Mountain Time and presentations will be live broadcasted and archives will be made available 2-3 days after the meeting.

If you have suggestions on presentations, questions or comments, please your the Contact Us option.

Imagr Overview – By Graham Gilbert

Imagr is an open source imaging and deployment solution for OS X that was originally created to replace tools such as DeployStudio to be run from a NetInstall environment. We’ll take a look at the origins of Imagr, it’s features and possible use cases, the future of Imagr and how you can help make Imagr even better.

imgr workflow example

  • Restore ASR Images (such as those created with AutoDMG)
  • Install packages during Imagr run and at first boot
  • Run scripts during Imagr run and at first boot
  • Include other workflows in your workflow, specified statically or using a script
  • Erase and partition disks
  • Rename the machine
  • Protect your users from accidentally wiping their devices by specifying a password for Imagr

For more information about Imagr, see the following github repo:

imagr github repo site

Graham Gilbert is a serial releaser of open source Mac administration tools, Graham is the author of Sal, a multi-tenanted reporting tool for Munki, Crypt, a FileVault 2 key escrow solution and Imagr, an open source alternative to DeployStudio. In his day job, he works with teams across the world supporting machines running OS X at a large multinational. He has a slight obsession with automating all of the things.

To view archived presentation, click here.

Casper Suite Overview – By Ben Toms

This presentation will take you through the JAMF Casper Suite. Advising on why it’s more like an automatic car & not a self driving one. With comparisons to some free and open-source software (FOSS) for management of Apple devices.

The Casper Suite is the leading commercial solution for lifecycle management on the Apple platform, helping to address the complexities of enterprise management for both OS X, iOS, and other devices. Because the Casper Suite features deep integration with core Apple technologies, it provides a seamless solution for end users and administrators by extending the simplicity of the Apple experience.

Casper Suite Infographic

Ben is an admin on the Slack, a Dean of JAMFNation & also known as macmule. He has been using the Casper Suite over the past 8 years to manage Mac clients in multiple organisations.

To view archived presentation, click here.

GitHub for MacAdmins – By Pierce Darragh, Marriott Library ITS

This presentation with cover an overview on GitHub for Mac administrators. GitHub is a code hosting platform for version control and collaboration. It lets you and others work together on projects from anywhere. In an effort to make our software available for use outside of our immediate organization, our group decided to post their code open-source on the git repository management system GitHub.

marriott library - mac github site

GitHub provides free hosting for publicly-accessible open-source projects and is a common place for modern enterprise Apple development operations (devops) teams to post their code for others in the community to use. I will explain specifically how our group uses our GitHub presence and what it has done for us over the last couple of years.


To view archived presentation, click here.

Open Discussion

Questions, comments, problems and fixes.


For directions to the University of Utah monthly Mac Managers Meetings see the following web page.


Archive & Live Presentation(s)

  • A live broadcast of the presentations will be available from this web page.
  • Archives of the presentations will be available from this web page.
mac managers streams web page

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