May 2021 – MacAdmins Meeting

May 2021 – MacAdmins Meeting

May 19, 2021 – University of Utah, MacAdmins Meeting


The University of Utah, MacAdmins Meeting is held monthly at the Marriott Library on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 11 AM Mountain Time. Presentations cover Apple technology and integration in a heterogeneous university enterprise environment. This month’s meeting will be held on Wed, May 19th, 2021 at 11 AM MT and we will provide live broadcasts and archives that will be made available 2-3 days after the meeting. If you have suggestions on presentations or interest in presenting,  questions, or comments, please use the Contact Us option.

BeyondTrust Remote Support – By Tom Ziegmann, BeyondTrust

BeyondTrust Remote Support empowers help desk teams to quickly and securely access and fix any remote device, on any platform, with a single solution. Organizations of all sizes can boost service desk productivity, efficiency, and security by consolidating and standardizing help desk support with BeyondTrust.

We’ll cover what’s new in Remote Support for Mac admins, discuss active vs. passive Jump Clients, and discuss tips for deploying Jump Clients to macOS systems.

About Tom Ziegmann
Tom Ziegmann is a Senior Solutions Engineer at BeyondTrust. In this role, Tom helps organizations of all sizes identify solutions to meet their privileged access management objectives. Tom has more than ten years of experience in Information Security and has been recognized as a six-time Most Valuable Professional (MVP) by Microsoft for his work in the IT community.

  • Video – To view the archived presentation video, click here.


Modern Mac Bootstrapping – By Mike Solin, Saint Joseph’s University

As Apple’s Device Enrollment Program has replaced traditional imaging methods, Mac admins have turned their focus to Mobile Device Management to successfully set up new Apple devices. In the age of “zero-touch” macOS deployments, bootstrapping has become a critical component. Nearly all MDM services include some form of bootstrapping, but their functionality is generally limited. Mike will detail how he has implemented Workspace ONE UEM and InstallApplications to bootstrap Macs at Saint Joseph’s University. InstallApplications is an alternative to tools like PlanB where you can dynamically download packages for use with InstallApplication. This is useful for DEP bootstraps, allowing you to have a significantly reduced initial package that can easily be updated without repackaging your initial package.

Workspace ONE UEM uses the latest Apple MDM commands for deploying Bootstrap Packages. For enrolled devices on macOS 10.13.6 and higher, the InstallEnterpriseApplication command is used. For macOS 10.13.5 and lower devices, the legacy InstallApplication the command is used. Historically, the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub handles the download and installation of application files. Bootstrap Packages allow .pkg files to install immediately after enrollment whether or not the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub is installed. You may want to use alternative tools for device and application management. Bootstrap package enrollment comprises an enrollment flow paired with a bootstrap package that installs the alternative tooling and configures the device before the end-user begins using the device.

About Mike Solin
Mike Solin is the Senior Client Platform Engineer at Saint Joseph’s University. He has handled deployment, endpoint management, and more for over seven years at SJU. Having used Macs for almost his entire life (his parents owned an original Macintosh 128Kin 1984!), Mike got his start by circumventing Apple’s parental controls on the family computer. From there, he began his career as an Apple certified repair technician. This led him to learn scripting and imaging, finding the Mac Admin community in the process. He can be found at or @flammable on the MacAdmins Slack. His avatar is an annoying, beatboxing robot named Claptrap from the Borderlands video game series.  
  • Video – To view the archived presentation video, click here.
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Open Discussion

Questions, comments, problems, and fixes.


Due to the coronavirus (aka Covid-19) crisis, this meeting will not be meeting in person but will currently be done virtually using Zoom video communications architecture.

With Zoom we will implement the following security best practices:
  • Require a Password to Join This meeting will require a password to join the meeting. Information will be emailed via a campus internal lists, but if you are external and want to attend the meeting, please use the contact us form to receive details. Else, the archive of the meeting will be available 2-3 days after the live meeting.

    • Waiting Room When joining the meeting you will be placed in the Waiting Room by default and the hosts will give you access to the live meeting.

  • Miscellaneous We will also implement other settings and safeguards to secure the meeting.

Archive & Live Presentation(s)

  • A live broadcast of the presentations will be available from this web page.
  • Archives of the presentations will be available from this web page.
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