Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 Support Will End Oct 2017

Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 Support Will End Oct 2017

Microsoft Office 2011, Support & macOS High Sierra


Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 is a version of the Microsoft Office productivity suite for Mac OS X. It was released on October 26th, 2010. It is the first version of Office for Mac to be compiled exclusively for Intel processors, dropping support for the PowerPC architecture. It is the successor to Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac and is comparable to Microsoft Office 2010 for Windows. Microsoft Office 2011 includes more robust enterprise support and greater feature parity with the Windows edition. Its interface is now more similar to Office 2007 and 2010 for Windows, with the addition of the Ribbon. Support for Visual Basic for Applications macros has returned after having been dropped in Office 2008.


Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac Applications Example
Microsoft Lync for Mac is a instant messaging client used with Microsoft Lync Server or Lync Online available with Microsoft Office 365 and Live@Edu. Both Microsoft Lync and Microsoft Lync for Mac are enterprise software; unlike Windows Live Messenger, they have a different feature set that is targeted toward enterprise environments. Basic features include instant messaging, Voice Over IP, and videoconferencing inside the client software.
.Microsoft Lync for Mac 2011


End of Mainstream Support
Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 mainstream support will end in about a months on Oct 10, 2017. Microsoft extended support from its original end date of January 2016 for another 1-1/2 years until this October 2017.


Here is an example of the product lifecycle page that shows the mainstream support end date.


Microsoft Office 2011 Mainstream Support End Date


 Also, support for Lync for Mac comes to an end on the same date.


Lync for Mac 2011 Mainstream Support Example


macOS High Sierra
Microsoft has published this support article for “Microsoft Office support for macOS 10.13 High Sierra“:


Microsoft Office Support for macOS 10.13 High Sierra


Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 Testing & Support
With this specific section that defines Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 testing & support on macOS 10.13 High Sierra:


Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 & macOS 10.13 High Sierra Support Statement
Upgrade to Office 2016 for Mac
If you haven’t already upgraded systems you support to Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac, you should do so as soon as possible if you want to stay supported and mitigate compatibility issues between macOS High Sierra and Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac. It might be released soon like at the rumored upcoming media event on Sept 12th, 2017.


Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac Applications Example


Upgrade to Skype for Business on Mac
And if your users depend on Microsoft Lync for Mac for enterprise messaging, plan on migrating them to Skype for Business on Mac. Microsoft announced that Lync would be replaced by Skype for Business in 2015, which would combine features of Lync and the consumer Skype software.


Skype for Business on Mac
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