November 2015 – Mac Managers Meeting

November 2015 – Mac Managers Meeting

November, 18th 2015 – University of Utah, Mac Managers Meeting

The University of Utah, Mac Managers Meeting is held monthly at the Marriott Library @ 1 PM Mountain Time. Presentations cover Apple technology and integration in a heterogeneous university enterprise environment. Lunch is provided to the meeting, and we provide live broadcasts and archive of the presentations.

If you have suggestions on presentations, questions or comments, please your the “Contact Us” option.

OS X Malware Monitoring & Analysis by Chris Henderson & Justin Larson, Workfront

malwareOSXcollector to help with determining if a machine is infected, how the malware infected the system, and how to prevent and detect with future attempts of infection. OSXCollector is a powerful tool, however, it takes a lot of CLI Kung Fu to master. OS X Strata is an opensource tool we’ve developed to help provide a  UI for the information collected by OSXCollector, thus helping the not yet CLI Kung Fu masters rapid insight into the data collected and helping them become a forensic Indiana Jones.

Justin graduated from the U in 2012 with a degree in Information Systems. He spent a year and a half as a System Admin before moving to Security Engineer at Workfront. If he had spare time he would be in Moab mountain biking and jeeping.

Chris Henderson joined Workfront almost 8 years ago as a System, Network, and Security Administrator. About 4 years ago he transitioned full-time to focus on his passion; security.

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GroundControl Overview by Jeffrey Marino, GroundControl

300357dGroundControl is a USB-delivered automation solution designed to supervise, name, enroll and baseline fleets of enterprise iOS devices. It offers users a simple, straight forward and highly repeatable process for the deployment and configuration of entire fleets of iOS devices. GroundControl complements and enhances any existing MDM (Mobile Data Management) product and provides superior management of enterprised-owned iOS devices.   This presentation will give you a brief overview of the product, demonstration of automated provisioning of an iPad,  GroundControl console tour, and Q&A.

Jeffrey Marino heads up Partnership at GroundControl Solutions, guiding new users of the platform in their retail, healthcare and education environments. He has a career background in cloud-based creative toolsets, including automated video versioning at Visible World, Adobe Anywhere distributed video postproduction and Creative Cloud via Tekserve. GroundControl is his third time around with a SaaS ‘disruption’ of conventional digital workflows.

GroundControl is led by Aaron Freimark, founder of, the well-known site for the global community of iOS administrators.

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